Saturday, 21 August 2010

Two awesome bands in one song

So if you wanted to get me really excited you'd tell me that the band who recorded my most played album of the year had covered a song of my favourite album of last year, oh and that they'd done a decent job. You can tell where I'm going with this can't you, I'm no mystery writer that's for sure. So all I need to do is hand over the weapon that is Mumford and Sons singing White Lies brilliant song Unfinished Business and let the track do the rest.

MP3: Unfinished Business (White Lies Cover) - Mumford and Sons


em said...

mumford and sons are pure, unadulterated genius. i can't get enough of them. and i cannot wait to see them live, finally!

em xx

Jal said...

You're very lucky, I'd love to see them.

shunter said...

yes this is a good effort on a very good song. Interestingly (or not depending on your point of view) White Lies have vanished from trace in New Zealand and you can no longer get their album in the online stores, which I think is a MASSIVE SHAME. Or is that just what is happening with cd sales?

Jal said...

It is a shame, I don't know about now but originally you used to be able to download the instrumental version if you had the CD. Not something I'm that bothered about but lots of people come to this blog looking for the instrumental versions.