Saturday, 18 July 2009

Rewind To Kickstart - Yes Cassette

I discovered Yes Cassette through hearing a quality song by lead singer and lyricist Dan's previous band Electric Cinema. While Dan wrote that track, Heat Exchange, he is not playing it in his new band out of respect to his old band. That is a shame but the material from his new band is great and perhaps that's why he can afford to put that track on the shelf for now. Anyway back to Yes Cassette, they're a band originating from Watford formed by friends of long acquaintance, Mark (guitar) and Jamie (drums) were in The New Shapes and Electric Cinema respectfully.
They produced a catchy pop sound that you just can't help singing along to, this track Rewind To Kickstart is about "ex-lovers digging up a time capsule and having one last ill-fated time looking through old photos and letters, but they know they shouldn't go back/look back." Dan goes on to explain "On another, more personal level, it's about the old band ending." I like the fact it talks about Polaroids, commodores and cassette tapes. Visit their myspace for more tunes.

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