Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tramlines '09 - Dead Like Harry

Other writers have described Dead Like Harry as being "intricate" and having "music diversity" as well as producing a "well crafted, grown up... sound of pop". They have a sound that, despite the various instruments involved, seems to come from the keyboard. Whether it is written on the keyboard first I don't know but it's got that feel. As a man who has enjoyed his fair share of keyboard led bands in the past that is no bad thing.

Sam (man) and Alice's (woman) vocals remind me of Deacon Blue and that describes their sound well. Deacon Blue is not an influence they reference but there are many different influences they list including Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend but the influence they closely resemble is Tom Petty (they have also been called "the Steel City's answer to Fleetwood Mac").

When We Were 17 was realesed as an EP last year and Sam has kindly allowed us to post that track here for you today. I'm looking forward to seeing them live on Friday.

Taken from the band's Facebook page:

"Songs from this Friday's gig at The Frog and Parrot in Sheffield (24th July) will be broadcast the same night on BBC 6 Music, Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Sheffield as part of this year's Tram Lines Festival. If you can't make it down on the night, tune in and have a listen!"

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