Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mini Album Review - Kasabian

I read somewhere that Kasabian just want to be Primal Scream, I think that was supposed to be an insult. I think there will come a point where Kasabian will out sell Primal Scream (as Ian Brown has done with The Stone Roses) and critics will have to start respecting them. This album is another solid addition to their discography, while I don't think it hits the high of their eponymous first album it certainly has strengths. Fire and Vlad The Impaler are strong singles and the album doesn't appear to have any real fillers. On early listens my favourites are Fast Fuse and Take Aim. Comparing their back catalogue further I would turn to this album before Empire, their second album, and while they haven't really covered any new ground I'm glad they haven't gone the way of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club i.e. losing their balls.

I'm trying to post more legit downloads nowadays so as the band are no longer giving away any of the tracks from the album (as far as I am aware) I offer you this cover of Fire by Calvin Harris which is surprisingly faithful to the original.

MP3: Fire (Originally by Kasabian) - Calvin Harris

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