Monday, 17 August 2009

Mini Album Review Week - La Roux

I've been a bit slack on reviewing albums I have accumilated over the last few(several) months so I thought I'd spend this week playing catch up, starting with La Roux.

I first wrote about La Roux in January and posted Fascination. Since then she's had massive hits in the UK with In For The Kill and my favourite Bulletproof. When I say 'she' La Roux is actually a pop duo but you only ever seem to see Elly Jackson in the limelight. The album's good but not especially my cup of tea. If you like Fascination and Quicksand, both available from their web site, as well as the two hit singles then you'll like the album. For me it's a bit slow at times and is all ready to be remixed, maybe that's why there are so many remixes on Hype Machine.

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