Monday, 25 January 2010


One of the first bands I should point out from this month's Sheffield Music Scene is Bromheads, they are giving away a free track this month called Magic Number. Yes, they do mention the number 3 but it's not a cover of Bob Dorough's much covered song (Embrace and De La Soul versions spring to mind). It is however an upbeat track which didn't really match my mood as a drove through the rain towards work the first time I listened to it. Oh and talking of covers, the band have previously covered "These Boots Are Made For Walking" which was originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra. Bromheads' version is called quite simply "Boots" (I think) if you want to track the song down.

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Schönberg said...

Marc Riley has just played Sheffield's fourth-finest on his evening show - how come some songs sound so much better when they're on the radio?