Thursday, 14 January 2010

Says She's Ms. Blat

At Christmas I went back to my home town and went to the pub with my Dad on Christmas Eve. In the pub were quite a lot of people I half recognised and someone I went to school, neither of us caught each other's eye but we didn't go up to say hello either. What am I getting at? Well I'm 'friends' with this person on Facebook but neither of us bothered saying hello. Are we all getting in to the habit of keeping in touch with people just for the sake of it, is it becoming harder to ditch people? OK I'm still getting no closer to telling you what I'm on about. There is a point. Says She's Ms. Blat are a two piece band from New York and they sing about not being good at keeping in touch and they're not sorry. I love the style they sing it in, it's half lazy, half a New York slur and whole lot of good.

Says She's Ms. Blat create a good sound with just keys and drums and are really worth checking out. I'll post two songs of theirs but you can download the entire album using their Bandcamp site which amusingly is "Says She's Ms. Blat 1" as if there is another band that got there first with the same name.

Oh and I'm no longer friends with that person on Facebook and it felt GOOOOOOOOOD!


Taryn said...

I like this band- they're dope.
You just inspired me to ditch a fb friend or two... totally did feel good.

Jal said...

Thanks for the comment. Glad you're enjoying SSMB too.