Wednesday, 27 January 2010

White Circus Fever - BBC Tax

I'm a big fan of the BBC and for a person who loves adverts it's strange that one of the real benefits I see of the BBC is a body that tries to produce whatever they do without commercial input or prejudice. I listened to White Circus Fever's song about the BBC and thought they had your typical "why should I pay my TV license" mentality. I was pleased therefore to read in Sheffield Music Scene that they're not against the BBC, they just think the parting with £140 should be up for debate. "With millions unemployed, people could do with that £140 for something else" - I always thought the unemployed got it free / cheaper but what do I know.

Anyway back to White Circus Fever and yes they do have a bit of a political slant but the band say that's not necessarily their aim, they just write about things they know and as one of them is doing a PhD in Politics I guess they know more about that than other things. Have a listen to the track below and decide if you'd rather be listening to Zane Lowe or your local "better music mix". Oh and did I say White Circus Fever are on the front cover of this month's Sheffield Music Scene.

White Circus Fever's latest EP is out now and you can get it for free by telling five friends or pay what you think it's worth.

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