Thursday, 30 April 2009

Burn Bridges - The Grates

If you've seen The Grates you don't forget them. I saw them a while back and remember having a conversation with my sister at the time. We'd both seen them but at different venues and were saying how much we liked the lead singer. She's so lively, jumping around every where, I don't think I've seen a lead singer with so much energy. My sister told me at the time that my brother-in-law had fallen in love with Patience but then pointed out that she thought the only reason was because he'd seen her knickers!

When I heard this song off their new album (out now) I didn't recognise their sound until half way in to it. It starts off with a real Yeah Yeah Yeahs sound (you'd never see their lead singer, Karen O, jumping around like Patience) but then develops in to the more poppier sound of The Grates, not too poppy though.

MP3: Burn Bridges - The Grates

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Dancingbear said...

You've selected a cracker here, JAL.

I saw The Grates a couple of years ago, supporting the Zutons at the Hexagon in Reading. There was a tiny crowd in to see them, but people were rushing in by the end. You're right about the lead singer; even though there weren't many people there at the start, she rocked and bounced around like she was in front of a packed-out Wembley, and I instantly got their album.

It's still one of my favourites to put on when I want to get psyched up or full of energy.

Good choice...