Thursday, 16 April 2009

Live vs CD

I went to see The Virgins last night who were supported by Chew Lips and it struck me how some bands sound just like their records live and others don't. The Virgins fall in to the second category in some ways and the first in others. Their sound live (and on their '07 EP) is one quite heavy in bass and that goes down well with me yet it is covered up on the album with 80s syth.

For the most part they played the songs very similar to the album version except Love Is Colder Than Death which they seemed to play two versions of, at least I hope they did and it wasn't the beer going to my head. They also played a cover version of Up The Junction (originally by Squeeze) and a new track right at the end. Sadly I can't remember the title of it but I thought it sounded like one of the best songs of the night, so more good things to come?

Anyway, back to what I was saying about bands doing things differently live. I love it when a band play around with one of their songs, drag them out, morph them with another song or just generally add something different to it. The Courteeners going in to a James track springs to mind but also the great Cloudy Room track by The Twang. I searched for ages to find this live version of the song, I am absolutely positive that the guitarist in The Twang is the real talent of the band. Enjoy.

MP3: Cloudy Room (Live) - The Twang


Get A Hud said...

Great show eh!
Where did you see them? I saw them in Edinburgh. Know what you mean about sounding not like their CD - I liked that though - as I think the CD sounds WAYYY to polished. Liked the Rich Girls demo when my little brother sent me it cos it seemed quite ragged.
Chew Lips were REALLY good no?

Jal said...

We only caught the end of Chew Lips but she was a bit disappointed with the size of the crowd - they were on quite early so a lot of people hadn't got there yet. She stayed around for quite a bit afterwards chatting, shame you missed her.

Did you think The Virgins singer looked like Martin Keown?

Get A Hud said...

Haha totally! Mix between him and the manly one from Hanson

Crowd for Chew Lips was decent. Think they mustve arranged to come on a bit later.

Janice said...

I'm really into The Twang so I'm glad you mentioned them :) I was trying to find bands similar to them. I came across this new band also from Liverpool called Sound of Guns, don't know if you've heard of them. I'd really recommend them. Here is their official site-