Thursday, 30 April 2009

Non Stop - Whitey

Imagine you've gone on your stag do and ended up naked and late for the church. Oh and you've got your credit card. No I can't imagine my friends being nice enough to leave me my credit card either but adverts aren't supposed to be realistic unless they're talking about weight loss, are they?

Well that's what this tune is a back drop to on the (fairly) recent Visa advert. The track is a great track to run to and one of the most upbeat tracks on this playlist while being laid back at the same time. Maybe it's only good to run to because he talks about keep on running but I'm pretty sure it's the beat. It's all about the beat kids.

MP3: Non Stop - Whitey


e static said...

gotta love the thick synth in there, guessing that a moog or some shit? or just blown out ass bass... great tone, driving beat. meep meep.

Anonymous said...

I found a nice video-interview with whitey!
here is the link: