Friday, 2 January 2009

The Difference Is All In The Studio

I have come across two songs recently that have been reworked by the band in the studio and both have had (in my opinion) vary success.

First up let's look at The Virgins, I first heard Rich Girls from their '07 self titled EP. I loved the bass in it and it was definitely the hook of the song. Fast forward to 2008 and the song is included on the full length, eponymous LP. This time the song has been "polished" up for mass release. Sadly I don't like the new version as much and wish the rest of the album was as raw as the original EP. Is it only me?

MP3: Rich Girls - The Virgins ('07 version)

MP3: Rich Girls - The Virgins ('08 version)

Next let's look at Port O'Brien's I Woke Up Today. They revamped the song to be released as a single and the result is great. The song has more urgency and the thumping drums added really add to the song. Have a listen to the two versions and see what you think.

MP4: I Woke Up Today - Port O'Brien (album version)

MP3: I Woke Up Today - Port O'Brien(single version)

Because they're both on zShare you don't even need to download them, if you just want to have a listen to the difference between them you can preview them.

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