Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pop Quiz (Part 10)

Find the link between ten tracks, this is the last one. If you're still stuck my clue is "the devil's in the detail" it's not much of clue I just wanted to quote The Vanishing an underrated film. Anyway I haven't got much to write today as I'm ashamed to admit I know very little about Public Enemy. I could blag it by quoting what I found on google "Tony Blair became Public Enemy number 1 after he agreed to the invasion of Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction that don't exist" but I don't want to go all political on your asses (and I didn't find that on google).
Hope you enjoyed the Pop Quiz, Schonberg will be posting tomorrow with the answer, if you have enjoyed it give him some love by leaving a comment.

MP3: Party For Your Right To Fight - Public Enemy

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