Friday, 23 January 2009

Fantastic New Band From Leeds

The Jones are a band I've come across through my good friend QShoes (no, I don't know why that's his nickname). They're quite similar to The Music and The Sunshine Underground, with fast paced rock. Their first single In My Head is due out early this year on Atomic records (thanks to Ben from their management for giving me the OK to post the track). If you like either The Music or The Sunshine Underground I definitely recommend you check out this track.

They currently have three gigs coming up:

Feb 11 2009
Revolution Bradford
Feb 13 2009

Visit the band's Myspace site The Jones


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Got any more tracks?

Jal said...

Sadly not at the moment, hopefully might be able to get my hands on some more. There's only two more on their Myspace site :-(