Thursday, 29 January 2009

Get off me you bummer! - More Spaced Tracks

OK, so I've been watching lots of Spaced recently but who can blame me, it's a great series and more to enjoy the more you watch it. I've just found out there's a homage-o-meter extra that you can switch on and it will tell you what film they are referring to so the geek inside of me can't wait to do that.

There are two tracks that I have managed to track down thanks to the excellent Spaced Out web site. First up is the a-team remix from the scene in the club, a great scene where army-mad Mike (he once stole a tank and tried to invade Paris) gets everybody in the club to make shapes to this song. I've searched for it on YouTube but can't see it anywhere.

You could say this track is then topped by the great dance version of the Imperial March from Star Wars. Obi Jal has taught you well.


Chris said...

an excellent show indeed... I'm still hoping for a last series to be made. But until then, this is one of the few series one can watch over and over again, and still find new stuff everytime! :)

Chris Alberts said...

Sadly, I think the last series has already been made. Hate to be sacrilegious but I'm not sure I'd want them to do another in case it was a let down - the first 2 series are just about perfect.