Wednesday, 21 October 2009

About Time Too

Hopefully regular readers will notice that I feature quite a few Sheffield bands on this blog. I was brought up just outside Sheffield but I now live in Bristol. Sadly access to information on unsigned and new bands in Bristol is pretty scarce and so I can't give you as much info on them.

Well maybe that is all about to change. Sat waiting for me when I got home the other day was a CD sampler from Fear of Fiction a new not-for-profit indie label in Bristol. The brain child of Sam Betts and Rob Halworth of Emphatica and Call The Doctor respectively, Fear of Fiction is there to promote bands they like and to put on some great live nights with local bands.

They currently have an open invitation on their site for bands who want to play at one of the nights. They've already had a great response but I notice there are a lot of bands from further afield so I'm hoping they'll be more Bristol bands that come out of the woodwork.

On Off Switch are the first band I've discovered through the label, described as electro/punk rock with give it all female vocals.

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