Friday, 30 October 2009

BRMC - Live

I'm a bit disappointed I never caught B.R.M.C. live at their height, tracks like Whatever Happened To My Rock and Roll (Punk Song) and Spread Your Love would have been awesome, in fact most tracks of their first album, Red Eyes and Tears is another one, would have been great to hear live. They are such big and dirty tracks that I can imagine yours ears would be ringing and your whole body shaking from the bass.

Luckily for you and me we can appreciate that feeling by cranking the volume up on our iPod speakers, pouring something sticky on the kitchen floor and pressing play on their new live release. The CD has most of their greatest hits and some other not so familiar tracks including a cover of Dirty Old Town with the whole crowd singing along. It's out on 10th November but you can get a sneak preview with the record label cleared track below:

Oh and if you don't own their first album B.R.M.C. then you're missing something in your life.


Edie said...

Haha! That's funny. I once joked that I couldn't be friends with someone who didn't like the band.

Schönberg said...

Saw BRMC on the NME new music tour in 2002. They were on with The Coral, lostprophets and Andrew WK. I remember walking out before the end after realising Andrew was missing a letter 'a' and a letter 'n' from his surname. As usual at these tours, the first two bands were fantastic - BRMC and The Coral. All I remember was thinking that I'd stepped back a decade or so and I was stood watching Jesus and Mary Chain at their peak.

shunter said...

Saw BRMC in Wellington NZ in July 2010. After a long long wait where, quite frankly I think they were toying with us, through the dry ice strode the lead singer in a black motorbike jacket. I swear he looked about 8ft tall and I was proper scared. They played Weapon of choice after which I had to go and stand at the back to calm down. Great gig and massive surprise to see them in NZ

Jal said...

Amazing, I know about 3 people in NZ and at least two of them went to the BRMC gig. I guess you don't get a big variety of gigs down there?