Thursday, 29 October 2009

Full Circle - The Twees

I had a friend request on Myspace from The Twees recently and where possible I try to check out the bands that send me a request ( if you want to add). I read the blurb that had been written about them while I listened to the first song, Full Circle. The description was "...a mixture of The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand" and whoever it was who said that certainly hit the nail on the head. Mixing the dance style nature of Franz Ferdinand with the vocals of The Strokes The Twees have certainly created a sound that will appeal to many.

Oh and if you're wondering what CDs are sat on top of the Monet book, I can make out U2 The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby but judging by the picture it's probably not their house but is it their CDs?


Schönberg said...

Nail firmly whacked!

Schönberg said...

The other two CDs look like U2 as well. I can make out 'Rattle and Hum', but the one on the top escapes me.

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