Monday, 19 October 2009

Portishead / Zero 7 esq track from humanizer

I was contacted recently by Ste of humanizer to see if I would be around at In The City. Sadly I won't but humanizer will be and they will be rubbing shoulders with some top artists. ITC, being held in Manchester, seems to be similar to the Tramlines event run earlier this year in Sheffield. With a cross range of bands from unsigned artists such as humanizer, to more established artists such as Frightened Rabbit and Jon McClure.

While Ste was about I managed to get out of him the mp3 for one of their latest tracks A Fine Farewell. While it is certainly a different direction to their earlier material a don't think it's a farewell to their old sound (if they can have an 'old' sound for such a new band). This new track features guest vocalist Sam and her sultry vocals take the band in a whole new direction.

In the past I've heard successful bands say that the time they spent trying to get signed allowed them to put in the time perfecting their sound, trying new things out and nailing what makes them stand out from all the other wannabes on Myspace. This certainly seems to be working for humanizer who are currently working with two vocalists and are developing with every performance and track they lay down.

A Fine Farewell certainly tips its hat towards the likes of Portishead, Massive Attack, both from the Bristol area where I live, and also Zero 7. This may surprise regular readers of 3WTM as I have previously written about humanizer, posting the great track Harbour City. Harbour City, now streaming on their Myspace site with new vocals, has the familiar keyboard sounds of Catherine Ellen but has male vocals that makes it a much more rocky track. I actually prefer the original version of this track but as I mentioned the band are still experimenting with their sound and the track is still in its demo stage so who knows where it will go before it's finished.

I'm sure the band would love to know what you think of this track and if you get chance head over to Jabez Cleg on the 20th if you get chance.

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