Monday, 12 October 2009

Here Comes Your Man - Pixies Cover

I think I've mentioned before my mixed view of be introduced to a band by a cover version. While it makes it easier for the listener to accept the band on the first listen it can lead to false expectations and perceptions of a band. However, what it does allow a band to do is show what kind of style they have and lets you pigeon hole them without having to state influences.

Relation's promo email arrived in my inbox recently and they offered their cover version of Here Comes Your Man (originally by the Pixies) as a free download. Interested to see where you could take that song with a reworking I nipped over to their myspace. The Essex twosome, Oliver Keech and Andrew Leary, have given the track an electro makeover and it works, weirdly. I think if you're going to do a cover, make it your own, add something that wasn't there in the original and they've done that. Think of Pet Shop Boys and Hot Chip collaborating and you're about there.

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