Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Neon Rainbow - The Box Tops

As you probably know we have a bit of a liking for songs used in adverts. The advertising men who only used to listen to Genesis have now caught on to the idea that the right song can sell big time. It can also hamper your advert. The latest Halifax advert had the excellent First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes but the same images have been replaced by a much more mainstream song in "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" by Jackie Wilson. I actually think it works much better and fits with the images of people being lifted up by the bank's staff.

Talk Talk a UK telecoms company are currently sponsoring X-Factor (the UK version of Pop Idol). They are using to great effect (in my opinion) Neon Rainbow by The Box Tops. The song gets stuck in your head whether you're watching the show or writing your blog while your wife watches it. Does it make you buy their services? No but it's there for brand building, the advertising salesman's biggest ever con.

The Box Tops were a group from the sixties who mainly did covers but they did have a couple of gems up their sleeves including The Letter and this Neon Rainbow. It's interesting by the way that the two songs mentioned above are soul songs, is there a reason they work so well in adverts?


inspectorgadget said...

Thanks so much for this; I've been looking for it for ages, ever since I heard it on X Factor.

Jal said...

No problem, thanks for the comment