Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Damski - Kalenko

I'm really excited to bring you this track from unsigned band Kalenko. Some of you may remember me mentioning this song when I was describing them as sounding like Interpol. I don't think any of you can deny that when you hear this track. Perhaps Killer, the first song they ever recorded, that I posted before sounded more like Idlewild but this is certainly a step forward.

Usually when you try to create a sound already out there you fall short, it's not quite as good as the originally creator. Not the case with this track, I think you could easily see this sitting on one of Interpol's albums, it certainly wouldn't be looked down upon by the other songs. Whether Kalenko sound too similar to get signed is another question. I certainly wouldn't mind buying one of their records. With some studio time booked in July and then a new EP being recorded in October, that moment might not be far away.

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