Tuesday, 30 June 2009

You Sound Like You're Drunk - Seven Hills

Sheffield is like Rome. There I've said it. Everyone knows it. Certainly people starting at Sheffield Hallam University. Let me explain.

I went to Sheffield Hallam Uni and with my home town only 7 miles away I was interested to find out what the introductory tour of Sheffield would reveal. The first thing the volunteer guide said was "Sheffield is like Rome, it's built on seven hills." Brilliant, the tour was downhill from there...

I don't know about you but when someone accuses me of being drunk, I deny it and feel offended, even if I'm REALLY drunk. What's that all about? Why do I take it as an insult. It's the same in the morning "you were wasted last night", "I wasn't that bad" I'd retort, despite not being able to remember half of the night before. Maybe that's why I like the verses more than the corus in this song.

MP3: You Sound Like You're Drunk - Seven Hills

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