Monday, 22 June 2009

Reverend and the Makers Are Back

Reverend and the Makers are back with a new album called A French Kiss In The Chaos and it will be out on 27th July. It will be preceeded by the single Silence Is Talking which samples Low Rider by War. Listen to it (and see the video) at their web site and you will recognise the sample but probably not from where you might think. The part they sample was also used in a Marmite advert, as they haven't got clearance to use the sample they will not get any money from the single. I think the sample is the worst bit of the track and would have ditched it but what do I know?

I thought the picture above was a great one to show you as it shows Jon gesturing to the crowd, when I saw them live he was trying to point while holding the microphone. It looked like he was giving the crowd the finger and some one flicked him the vs. Jon replied by saying "turn those vs around, peace always wins out" or something like that.

Anyway if you nip over to Record Store you can bag yourself a signed copy of the album by pre-ordering it. Better than some crappy remix you usually get offered for pre-ordering an album me thinks. If you do head over to their site at you can also download this little number, off the new album.

MP3: Professor Pickles - Reverend and the Makers (right click, save as...)

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