Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New Artist - Sam Bennett & The Sharp Knees

Sam Bennett is a man on a mission, a year long music mission. He has given up any other interests to concentrate on music for a year. He's promoting himself (well) and releasing his own music in to the big wide world. When describing his music he classes it as indie-pop but, as all genres, that doesn't describe him properly, he's got more depth than mere indie-pop. With influences such as Belle & Sebastian (referenced in another of his songs, Two Headed Girl), Rufus Wainwright and Patrick Wolf he certainly likes his indie/pop crossover artists. I think his music has got a bit of an Ordinary Boys sound to it, not in a bad way mind you. He certainly has a maturity greater than his young looks.

He plays with a band, The Sharp Knees, but promotes and works hard on himself as he knows that not everyone has the same desire as him. He's one of the few people to actually email me with everything I require to review his band and I only ask for a download and a Myspace to preview it on.

Nip over to his blog where you can download more of his tracks. If hard work got you a record deal, Sam would get one tomorrow, he's a pretty talented artist too.

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