Thursday, 19 February 2009

Brit Awards Run Down

The funniest moment I have seen on TV for years has to feature the Hoff and what better place for it to happen than at the Brits. Known to have a slight drink problem (see video below), The Hoff was asked, along with Elbow whether they were going to party afterwards. Guy Garvey turned straight faced to The Hoff and asked him if he fancied a drink tonight. The best bit was I think Elbow and Fearne were oblivious to their faux pas despite presenter James Corden mentioning his YouTube "moment" earlier in the show.

Sadly the only true controversy was Duffy winning three awards. THREE. that's right, the one hit wonder took away THREE awards. I was majorly peeved with this and reading around other sites, many people are. The thing is, when it comes down to it, it's all about taste. One person commentated "Spiritualized were a glaring omission". I like Spiritualized with the best of them but come on, get real. Duffy sold lots of records and that, when it comes down to it, is what the music industry is interested in. Yes, Duffy won the Breakthrough Act thanks to Radio1 listeners but British Album and British Female Artist are voted for by industry bods.

Anyway enough of my rant, my favourite musical part of last night was the Ting Tings combing with Estelle. While it had already been done by The Hood Internet as a mashup of Shut Up And Let Me Go and American Boy they took it one extra step and brought That's Not My Name in at the end. No recorded loops were required as Estelle added the extra vocals needed. Check out the video below as well as the original mashup from The Hood Internet.

MP3: Shut Up, American Boy (Estelle feat Kanye West vs The Ting Tings) - The Hood Internet (YSL)

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Dancingbear said...

The Hoff incident was by far the best of the night - one of the Elbow crew started laughing as he realised, but badly tried to cover it up.

Genius - and they should have walked away with best Album.