Monday, 9 February 2009

Rocknrolla: Mini Review / Soundtrack

Rocknrolla came out on DVD last week and it was hailed as a return to form for director Guy Richie. It certainly has its moments, his films are steadily getting more polish (and better actors). The star of the film has to be Toby Kebbell, nominated for a BAFTA rising star award*, who is excellent. He plays a gangster's son, think Russell Brand crossed with a young Al Pachino.

The soundtrack sounded great as well, which is no surprise going on the past Lock Stock / Snatch releases and thankfully there isn't a Madonna track in sight. See divorce can be good sometimes. With the likes of The Clash, 22-20s, The Hives, Lou Reed there's a strong line up on the soundtrack. However, the song that goes around your head when the film is finished is Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways who perform it live in the film. You may already have that track but it's time to revisit it.

*Noel Clarke, who played Mickey in Dr Who, won the award last night.

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