Saturday, 28 February 2009

You, Me & The Bourgeoisie - The Submarines

This song's from an advert, it's for some MP3 player or phone or restaurant finder or games console or something. I think this song starts strongly but actually tails off at the end. Again note that Apple are using a female voice to promote their product.

MP3: You, Me & The Bourgeoisie - The Submarines (YSL)


Diane said...

this song is perfect, it's a pity people started listening to it only after the ad came out. oh well

Jal said...

Sadly that's often the way, I remember it was the same with The Dandy Warhols and Bohemian Like You. It only became big in the UK after it was used in the Vodaphone adverts. I guess you could say at least the advert has opened it up to a wider audience.