Sunday, 31 May 2009

Eyes As Candles - Passion Pit

Why does it keep taking me so much time to "get" the Passion Pit tracks? Everyone else in the blogosphere is all over them like a rash and I'm here playing catch up all the time. I was painting my hall and kept coming back to my iTunes thinking "I must add that track to this months playlist" only to find it was again the Passion Pit track and I'd already added it. On first listen you think there's not much to it but then you keep hearing it and thinking, I like that, who is it.

Let it wash over you and see what you think. Everyone including the mainstream media seem to be loving the album, it's great to see a blog go to record company to mainstream success in what seems like twelve months. I'm sure it was a lot longer process than that but WOW!

MP3: Eyes As Candles - Passion Pit

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