Sunday, 31 May 2009

Love Vigilantes - Iron & Wine

There's been a lot of blogs writing about Iron and Wine recently as they have released a b-sides and rarities album. Again I'd not heard of them before but I thought I'd follow the heard to see what they led me to. This is something beautiful, a cover of New Order's Love Vigilantes, a song I was not aware of before. In this song they talk about people being away at war and missing their families. It does also talk about fighting for your country. I saw a TV programme recently that spoke to men and women in the army over in Afghanistan. They said they didn't fight for their country or the Queen, the just fight for their friends that they are out there with in the knowledge that they were doing something good. That's always stuck with me for some reason.

When I was listening to Iron and Wine online I was listening to this song and also The Trapeze Singer and when I turned it off my wife questioned why I'd turned the pretty music off. I think that's all that needs to be said, if you enjoy this check out their other work.

This bring to an end this months playlist, I have put a poll up half way down the right handside so that you can vote for next months cover song. Please take the two seconds to vote. Thanks JAL

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