Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tommy R Jones - Singer Songwriter

Let me introduce you to a little friend of mine. Well he's not really small but why let that stand in the way of a good quote. I went to school with Tommy (Tom Robert Jones named after Cannon and Ball) and he recently got back in touch through FB. I remember going to one of his early gigs and I was interested in seeing what kind of music he is turning out now. Well he sure has grown up since then, his music has matured and he's honed his song writing skills.

He says his "influences consist of the great songwriting and vocals talents of Neil Finn, Neil Young, David Bowie, Jay farrar,Paul Wellar and Peter Garbriel" but it is his list of band influences that give you a better guide to his range of music. He gives examples of "Counting Crows, DADA, Pearl Jam, crazy horse, ACDC, Coldplay, The Darkness, Everclear, Foo Fighters and Fun Lovin Criminals." This is closer to the range that his songs on MySpace cover.

Going back to the first gig I saw him at 14ish years ago (we were still in playschool, honest) I remember one song that really stood out about cooking some soup to kill someone. Sure enough on his MySpace there is a new version of that very song. Anyway enjoy this first acoustic taster from Tommy R Jones. If you fancy seeing him live he has some dates coming up:


Solo - 27th May - The Grapes
TBC - 29th May
TBC -Corporation with Tianamen, and Awooga 6th June
Solo - The Riverside 28th June
bigwilliam - 4th July - All day festival - Chesterfield
Solo - All Front - Mentholmans 19th July
TBC - Dronfield Festival - Sunday 9th August
Solo - Cambridge - 15th August
bigwilliam - 22nd August - Grapes - Sheffield

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