Saturday, 23 May 2009

Happy Blog Day!

Today What's Wrong With The Mainstream is One! One whole year has passed and so we get to announce the competition winners.

Small Crew Competition

I think the most exciting competition had to be getting a musical piece written about you. As it was so popular I thought I'd let the band choose the winner and after much coin tossing we can now reveal that Adeline Lecatre of France has won the prize. Well done Adeline.

Call the Doctor Competition

The winner is Mark or Mudville as his email address calls him. Well done Mark who correctly guessed they are named after the Sleater-Kinney album.

Her Next Friend Competition

Amy Maus is the winner of Her Next Friend's back catalogue after successfully answering that, despite being an American band, they are in fact named after a British law. Well done Amy.

The Jones

I have to give the prize of this to the first entrant, Richard Kershaw, who named Jones The Steam, from Thomas The Tank Engine as his favourite Jones. Other notable Jones put forward by entrants were James Earl Jones. "Commander tear this ship apart until you've found those plans... and bring me the passengers... I want them ALIVE!" and my sister who threw "Jones the Bootmaker into the mix (it's a shoe shop). Reason: they stock lovely camper shoes and lots of other gorgeous smelling leather shoes." Brilliant, thanks Sis.

Oh and Steve Watts, the reason you didn't win is that you put forward Mick Jones, ex-Leeds United striker. If you'd have put forward Mick Jones ex-Huddersfield Town assistant manager you would have won ;-)


Last but definitely not least is the winner for the Lemonwilde CD. Thanks goes to Janice, the winner who took the effort to draw her answer:


Dancingbear said...

Happy Birthday 3WTMS!

Amy Maus said...

'ello, 'ello! Just wanted to thank you again for Her Next Friend's back catalogue--fantabulous--just received it in the post last week. In addition, thanks for all you do for us, your readers --- What's Wrong with the Mainstream continues to excel in le music blog world! Be well!

Jal said...

Thanks Amy, hope you enjoy your CDs.