Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lemonwilde - CD Giveaway

Atmospheric, emotion filled rock, Lemonwilde come in somewhere between Radiohead (Pablo Honey era) and Mansun. Not that they have a 90s sound about them, they are fresh and have their own sound. As I listen to Just This Ashtray my friend has just text me to tell me he's split up with his girlfriend, I can't think of a better song to listen to at a melancholy time than this.
With songs that have many layers and a real feeling to them it reminds me of the music I would listen to before I met my wife and she declared Radiohead need to cheer up. She was never able to appreciate the depths of great music and how they can really match your mood.
Having read the above and maybe listened to Just This Ashtray when I posted it before who's party do you think they played at? That's right they played at Sarah Michelle Gellar’s wrap party in a penthouse at The Hotel Rivington in Manhattan. Not sure how that came about but it's not a bad thing to have on your CV.

Below I have posted Nondeterministic Automation which is taken from their first EP Red Room. It's probably best listened to as part of the EP as a whole as it's a real collective work of music but it does stand up on its own. If you enjoy this why not visit their MySpace site and listen to the EP as a whole. Well, you could do that or you could enter What's Wrong With The Mainstream's birthday competition. All you need to do to win SIGNED copies of Lemonwilde's Red Room EP is to tell me "When the pain reaches a certain point you enter the domain of Godliness. From there, the pain subsides and you are overtaken by the Aura of" what creature? Answers on an email plus your mailing address to Winners will be announced on May 23rd - 3WTM's birthday or Blogday if you like.


Janet said...

Can't wait to check them out! Tell your wife that Radiohead does not need to cheer up... they are wonderful :)

Sam said...

Agree with Janet!
Although we are friends though LOL!
We just checked out Lemonwilde and love it. 2 thumbs up for LW

Jal said...

Thanks for the comments ladies, always good to hear from friends of the band.

Jennifer said...

aw... you don't have any more huh? these guys are f@#%in awesome... when do you get music like this out of the USA?