Thursday, 14 May 2009

Her Next Friend - Win Their Back Catalogue

With a deep voice and a real American twang to their music, Her Next Friend don't need to do much more to get me to write about them. However it was their cover of Seven Nation Army that I posted in last month's playlist that really got my attention. The stripped down guitar and lead singer John Whitfield Burton's excellent voice really make it something special. Having listened to them it's unsurprising that they list Hold Steady and Lou Reed as bands they sound like.

Disaster Casual is their latest release and my favourite track off the 8 track album has to be Girls At The Zoo, it's like adding summer to The National, maybe a bit Dandy Warhol like without any single song coming to mind.

Enough of me telling you what their music is like, why not visit their web site where you can stream all their songs. If you like what you hear tell me what nationality you would need to be to use the "Next Friend" law they are named after. Send it along with your details and the first person drawn out of the hat gets their back catalogue. Don't worry there's a clue on their web site. The winner will be announced on 23rd May.

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