Monday, 9 March 2009

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine – Sheriff Fatman

Speaking of indie discos, my local disco was held on a Thursday night in a run-down pub-cum-club in Rotherham called ‘Shipmates’. It was the only night available to alternative music in Rotherham, all the other clubs would cater for chart music every night, and access to these clubs was only allowed with shiny black shoes and a shirt with a collar (oh, how I remember the black shirts with dragon emblems, and the black shoes and white socks brigade!!) Anyway, DJ Liam and DJ Oaksey were our saviours on those Thursday nights. The only other indie ‘slot’ was a five or ten minute slot in another sleeze pit called ‘Capones’. Every week, the DJ would play hours of Stock, Aitken and Waterman (or something as equally banal) and then say something like ‘here’s a few tracks for our indie kids, this one’s by a man called Carter…’ and we’d get Sheriff Fatman.

MP3: Sherriff Fatman - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

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