Monday, 9 March 2009

The Wedding Present – Kennedy

The Wedding Present were original members of the C86 movement, and were serious contenders to The Smith’s crown when Morrissey and Co split up, their fatalistic brand of love song is a real favourite of mine. This song, however, is not really to do with love, rather a commentary on JFK and the CIA (too much apple pie being a reference to the small quantities of cyanide found in apple pips). The overriding memory I get from this song is a journey over the Pennines in October 1989 to see Manchester City play Aston Villa. It was a horrible, wet day and the reception on my archaic car stereo was playing up so all we had to listen to was a cassette single version of this song (with a cover of It’s Not Unusual on the b-side) over and over again. Happy days!

MP3: Kennedy - The Wedding Present

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