Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Menace - Mongrel

John McClure from Reverend & The Makers has become part of a supergroup called Mongrel. This supergroup has past and present members of Arctic Monkeys in it. How did all this pass me by? Even more importantly how did the fact that they gave their album away free with The Independant pass me by?

I found all this out when I was looking at Reverend & The Makers forum, not only that but John pointed readers to look up the video The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. I suggest you abandon your plans to do anything and watch it now. This is the most compelling thing I have seen on the internet, forget your fat kids with lightsabres, this is what the internet should be used for:


I have managed to get a few tracks by the band and this is my favourite, I believe the whole album is politically charged (the purpose of the band), this track is no exception. The best way I can describe them is if you took Damon Albarn out of Gorillaz and put John McClure in instead.

MP3: The Menace - Mongrel

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