Friday, 27 March 2009

What a bunch of bankers

Here in the UK there's certainly a backlash against the banks at the moment and "Fred The Shred" seems to be baring the brunt of it. Well what did he expect after leading RBS in to meltdown and then still taking his very fat pension. I'm sure there were many of us law abiding citizens smiling to ourselves as we heard his (or one of his) homes had been vandalised.

Yet there must be some very relieved people not to be in the spotlight. While the banks certainly gave us a hefty push towards recession aren't the oil companies also to blame? Just when the world economies were teetering they decided to force the price of oil up, destabilising the economy and causing already struggling companies to increase their prices or swallow costs that they couldn't afford. What annoys me is that these greedy companies/people are dodging all the blame, whether this is because they are too powerful or because they slipped the bankers a fiver I don't know.

Anyway, this track is from an advert used in the UK to promote a large savings company ING Direct. Funnily enough I've not seen many of their adverts recently, maybe it's because they're in trouble or more likely they don't see the point in advertising their high interest accounts when interest rates are pretty much 0%.

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