Friday, 20 March 2009

Skins - Music

Is it just me or is Skins the best thing on TV at the moment? For those of you haven't seen it I'll give you a quick guide. It's a show about kids at college in Bristol (16-18) and the first two series followed a group through their two years at college. It's all about the cool (and uncool) things they do eg. sex, drugs and relationships. When the present, third series came around it was over to the risk of an all new cast apart from one or two bit part characters from the first series. It was risky times but I'm happy to say they have pulled it off amazingly. Each episode they follow one character which gives the show a real variety while still keeping themes going. If you haven't watched it get yourself over to the E4/Skins web site and watch it online here.

I think Skins goes out of its way to be cool and one way it achieves this is through the its soundtrack. Alex Hancock, Skins' Music Supervisor, does a great job selecting all kinds of genre as well as new and old tracks to give the right feel as well as keeping the tracks fresh. If you want to know what song was used where just head over to the Skins web site and they have full track listings. My favourite three tracks used so far are:

MP3: When You Leave - Maps

MP3: Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine

Mp3: Satisfied - Esser

They all happened to come from episode 8.

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