Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Starsailor - All The Plans : Album Review

I've followed Starsailor since they burst on to the scene in 2002. I'm not saying I was the first in to them or anything like that but I have bought all their albums so far. I guess what we tend to forget is that they did burst on to the scene in 2002. With their second single Good Souls really making a name for themselves and Alcoholic being their first top ten hit.

This, their fourth album, sees them return three years after their last release On The Outside. Despite the time that has passed not much has changed, they're still making nice albums. That's right, nice albums. I guess that was enough for me in 2002 but now I want something with a bit more balls. James Walsh has got such a good voice why not use it more, I remember reading rave reviews of how good his voice was live, why not add more gusto in to their songs. Songs you want to sing/shout along with. I just don't feel there are enough of them on this album.

The album is out in the UK this Monday (9th March).

Why you should already own a Starsailor album:

MP3: This Time - Starsailor (from On The Outside)
MP3: Four To The Floor - Starsailor (from Silence Is Easy)
MP3: Good Souls - Starsailor (from Love Is Here)


Schönberg said...

Call me anal, but wasn't Starsailor's first album and first couple of singles released in 2001? I'm sure I had 'fever' on a 2001 playlist...

Jal said...

Damn they said it was 2002. It was in fact October 2001.

You're anal :-)